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Manta Energy Group (MEG) is a dynamic energy group active in electricity and natural gas sales and trading. The group is located in the Czech Republic and has its headquarters in the capital of Prague. From there, it manages all energy-related activities.

Manta Commodities SE is the group’s core company. It manages wholesale electricity and natural gas operations for the group. Established in 2016, the company’s business activities focus on those European markets that allow for efficient trading thanks to their liquidity. The company also provides comprehensive energy consulting services for energy commodity traders.

Established in 2018, Manta Energy s.r.o. provides electricity and natural gas supplies for households, businesses and wholesale customers. Owing to its cooperation with the parent company, Manta Commodities SE, Manta Energy s.r.o. provides its end customers with quality services at favorable prices.

Founders Manta Energy Group

Petr Beneš - CEO

Patrik Kupec - CFO

Annual Reports

Preparing Annual Reports 2020

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